Day Camp

All Saints Academy - 4-12 yrs old
Saint Gregory's - 4-12 yrs old
St. Sophia's - 4-12 yrs old

This popular, well rounded program offers a variety of daily activities including: Project Based Learning, crafts, drawing, karate, computer training, singing, outdoor and indoor sports & recreation, reading, fitness, and swimming.

Campers are grouped according to age and each group follows a daily schedule. There is an adult head counselor with at least one assistant for each group of 12-14 campers. Additionally, each activity usually includes an adult teacher.

Other than the short (10 minute) bus ride to the pool for the daily swim we do not take any other field trips. The Day Camp at Saint Gregory's has its own outdoor, heated pool on site.

Day Camp Directors:

Holy Names - Julie Purcell

Julie Purcell attended The College of Saint Rose where she received her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education/Special Education and her Masters of Science in Literacy. She is NYS-Certified in Early Childhood/Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 6), Students with Disabilities (Birth-Grade 6), and Literacy (Birth-Grade 6). Julie currently teaches in an integrated preschool classroom at the Circle of Friends Pre-School in Delmar, NY. This will be her 10th summer with JMU4Kids Day Camp.

Saint Gregory's - Kim Case

Kim Case is a NYS certified art educator for grades K-12. She has a BFA in Fine Arts from RIT, and a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Art Education from Sage Graduate School. She has been an art educator in schools for 7 years, and is currently teaching in the North Colonie Central School district as the art teacher at Loudonville Elementary School. This is Kim's 8th summer with JMU4Kids as the director of our Day Camp at Saint Gregory's School, but has actually been attending this site each summer for camp since she was 7 years old! Kim can't wait to share her love of the community and joy of summer camp with you and your child!

St. Sophia's - Joe Urschel

Sports Camp

All Saints Academy - 7-14 years old
St. Sophia's - 7-14 years old

A full day of recreational games in a variety of sports including: wiffleball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and football (non-contact), tennis, and track and field. Additionally, we will end each week with a tournament on Friday.

Campers will have access to the game room for a break from their daily schedule. Also included is an afternoon swim at UAlbany's indoor pool.

Performing Arts Camp @ Holy Names (ages 7-14)

Awaken the creative spirit and imagination through Dance, Drumming, Singing and Acting/Drama. This camp features a variety of experiences in these 3 mediums such as:

* Dance: Hip Hop, Modern, African
* Music: Jazz, Blues, Percussion,
Choral Singing.
* African Drumming

Each week this intensive exploration will culminate with a mini-performance by the campers for their parents and peers. Due to the short time frame for preparation, DAILY ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!!

The staff is trained and experienced in their respective disciplines and are professional instructors.

After lunch these campers will have the option of swimming at UAlbany's indoor pool, then return to Holy Names for recreational activities.

Director: Eva Weeks
Eva is the very talented daughter of dance instructor Sara Weeks and the late great Alan Weeks.

Eva is familiar to all as a former counselor for Performing Arts Camp and his now attending Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA. She is majoring in business and economics. Eva has been with our Performing Arts Camp for seven years. The first year as a camper, two years as a CIT and two years as the go-to counselor for all Performing Arts responsibilities and Mr. and Mrs. Weeks' right hand. This will be her third summer as the Performing Arts Camp Director.

Sports & Fitness Camp @ Saint Gregory's (age 8-14)

Sports & Fitness camp includes a wide variety of sports and activities that cater to the athlete focused on improving skill level, overall health and wellness, and knowledge of many different movement forms during game play.

Each day will include games and instruction in a variety of major sports as well as "lifetime athletic activities." Games like football, baseball, soccer, cross country, volleyball, European handball, kickball, and basketball are played each week. Also, lifetime sport/ adventure activity games like dodgeball, capture the flag, Cavatta ball, and flag tag are played as well. Every morning, to start camp, we run a fitness circuit that provides instruction and drills to improve agility, flexibility, quickness, and strength. Lastly, the athletes will have access to the on-site heated outdoor pool for both aquatic exercise and rehab along with "cooling off."

Director: Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw is a New York State certified physical education teacher for grades K-12. He has a Bachelors of Science degree from SUNY Cortland in Physical Education and a Masters degree in Education from St. Rose. He has taught and coached in the Albany area for the past 15 years, and is currently a P.E. teacher in the Amsterdam School District. He enjoys all sports and has a passion for improving the overall health and wellness of every child he teachers. Matt stresses the importance of sportsmanship and cooperation during game play and his goal is to help children become responsible, upstanding student/ athletes. This is Matt's forth summer with JMU 4 Kids as the director of our Sports & Fitness Camp, and also runs the Sports Camp portion of our Vacation Camps.

Harry Potter Camp @ Mater Christi (ages 8-14)

Help us transform Mater Christi into “Hogwarts”! Campers will be randomly sorted into one of six original “houses”: Embredor, Firesong, Ironclaw, Lindenleaf, Wipplyn, or Wolfwind, and will compete each week for the House and Quidditch Cups.

Daily schedule will include themed activities, or “classes”, such as Transfiguration, Herbology, Astronomy, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Quidditch games round out the day.

Each week will focus on a specific Harry Potter book, inspiring unique challenges and activities.

Week 1 – Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone

Week 2 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Week 3 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Week 4 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Join us for the legendary Triwizard Tournament! In addition to regular activities, including the resurrection of Lord Voldemort, campers may choose to participate in the tournament, testing both their athleticism and use of cool logic.

Week 5 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Week 6 – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Week 7 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Horcruxes or Deathly Hallows? The week is lush with book-specific challenges in addition to regular activities, as campers must collect horcruxes and hallows before entering the final battle against Lord Voldemort.

Week 8 – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Inspired by the recently published scripts, this week will reprise popular challenges from the previous weeks with a fantastic twist!

**Prior knowledge of the Harry Potter books, scripts, and movies will prove advantageous for campers. Limited to 75 campers per week.

Director: Anjni Amin

This will be Anjni's sixth summer at Harry Potter Camp, and her forth as director. She is a certified NYS music teacher for K-12 with a Bachelor of Science degree from The College of Saint Rose, and a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University. Anjni is currently a doctoral candidate in Music Theory and Cognition at Northwestern University.

XTREME Camp @ Holy Names (ages 8-14)

Our most challenging and daring camp! This will be a popular choice for boys and girls, age 8-14, who want to test themselves physically while having a great time learning new lifelong skills.

Weekly activities will include:

* Zip Lines & Giant Swing, plus 9 other high ropes elements
* Wilderness survival (food, H2O, shelter, first aid, etc.
* Marksmanship
* Obstacle course
* Archery
* Paintball with Tippman Markers
* Kayaking
* Hiking
* Team Building
* Marching
* Optional swimming @ UAlbany's indoor pool!

Since the safety of our campers is most important, this camp will operate under a "military type" of atmosphere. This means we will expect full attention & participation, and will include marching, as well as other military terms and concepts, to instill discipline.

Each camper will receive a camo t-shirt and a camo backpack if they "survive" their first week. Limited to 90 campers / week.

Director: Kevin Reinisch

This will be Kevin's sixth summer with XTREME Camp and his forth as director. Kevin works for the RCS school district as a middle school P.E. teacher.

Science Camp @ Mater Christi (ages 8-14)

This popular offering of 6 weekly themed sessions will give campers an opportunity to explore, investigate and discover all facets within the world of science.

Each week will focus on a specific theme:

Week 1 July 9-13
Magnetic Minerals:
Investigate micro-habitats of water and of soil. Campers will examine soil, dissect plants and extract seeds to begin their own gardens for home.

Week 2 July 16-20
Future Engineers Designing Tomorrow:
Creative minds will study and create bridges and buildings to test their structures as they compete for durability and artistic design. This week begins egg incubation!

Week 3 July 23-27
Lighten Your Work!:
Design and create ways to make lifting and transporting easier. This fun week will look at knot tying for crafts and physics. We'll design mock waterways, boats, and vechiles using this knowledge.

Week 4 July 30-Aug. 3
Rise and Shine for Unbelievable Energy:
Discover through experiments the surprising sources that give us power including energy not powered by electricity. Follow recipes to create food from scratch!

Week 5 Aug 6-10
Journey Into Space:
Take a trip to a new galaxy to discuss space exploration and living in antigravity. This is the week chicks are expected to hatch! Come see our tweets!

Week 6 August 13-17
Shark Week!:
What are the only bones we can see outside of our body? Investigate comparitive anatomy of the skeletal system for different animals that live in our habitat and within our oceans.

As a bonus, Science Camp Incubates chicken eggs with additional weekly activities based on the stages of incubation. A weekly letter will go home explaining field trips and important information.

Each afternoon the campers will work on Project Based Learning (PBL) activities, and swimming will be available.

Besides the talented full time staff, campers will learn from weekly guest presenters such as: George Steele, noted area naturalist, and Fran Martino, Hudson River expert.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of learning in a fun, hands on style. Not only will we excite the future scientists but also inspire those kids, who had not yet experienced the joy of science, to want to learn more.

Director: Heather Sliwinski

Heather is a permanently certified NYS teacher for Pre-K thru 6th grade. She has a Masters of Science in Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities from The College of Saint Rose, and a Bachelors of Science with a concentration in Reading from SUNY Oneonta. She has worked for summer camps for the past 13 years, and has taught Science, Math, Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 4th grade & 6th grade. She is currently a science teacher at All Saints Academy. This will be her forth summer as the Science Camp Director and eighth year with JMU 4 Kids.

Laser Quest @ St. Sophia (ages 8-14)

Be the hero of a mythical, galactic journey! Laser Quest is an active, outdoor, futuristic LARP (Live Action Role Playing) that integrates our high tech laser tag equipment for "battles" and conflict resolution. This camp is designed to develop self-esteem, team-building, and creative problem solving skills.

The campers band together in groups, and under the guidance of an adult Quest Leader they work together in a climate of respect, imagination, empowerment, and excitement to overcome interesting challenges and solve mystifying riddles. An afternoon swim at U Albany's indoor pool will also be available.

The Questers experience the excitement that come with choosing a mythical archetype and make decisions about how to use their imaginative powers to complete the week long quest. As they continue through the week their characters can gain or lose powers depending on how their decisions play out.

Director: Brinan Weeks (Assisted by Nick Malinowski)

Both Brinan and Nick are avid "Star Wars" aficionados, and accomplished LARPers.

Leadership Program

Our Leadership Program is a great opportunity for young teenagers to help us with some of the responsibilities of running our camps. In order to qualify as part of our Leadership Program a camper must be older than the oldest camper in a given camp. It is possible for a 13 year old to be a camper at a camp which goes until 14 years old for one week, and then be part of the Leadership Program at one of our Day Camps, which only goes until 12 years old, the next week.

These campers will be assigned to help with one of our groups of young children and are supervised by an adult head counselor. These duties include: helping campers with arts & crafts projects, assisting with lunch, cleaning up after snacks, etc.. Additionally, they are required to go in the pool to help with the young campers.

Technically considered campers by the Health Dept., you are required to complete the same online registration form as all campers.

There is a $100/week fee ($80 wk of 7/2) to defray associated expenses. Accommodations can be made for time off due to appointments, etc..


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